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Avast launches a premium version of its free browser called Avast Secure Browser PRO for Windows systems.

Avast Secure Browser PRO, the premium version of the free Avast Secure Browser, built on the Chromium codebase, offers a built-in VPN client and ad-blocking technology for users who want to protect themselves from online threats.


Avast Secure Browser PRO With Free License

Giveaway details
Product name: Avast Secure Browser PRO
Giveaway page: link
License type: 1 year
Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
Promotion conditions:
  • This is an annual license for 5 devices
  • Non-commercial use
  • No free tech support
  • Promotion valid for a limited period of time

Instructions for obtaining and activating the free license


On the giveaway page, please enter your name and email address to receive the free license key for 5 devices.

Avast Secure Browser PRO Giveaway

Access your mailbox to confirm your email address so that you can get the Avast Secure Browser Pro license code for free.

Avast Secure Browser PRO serial key

Download and install the software on your device. Launch it and enter your free license key to active for 1-year free.

Avast Secure Browser PRO Free License Key

Key features of Avast Secure Browser PRO

Key features
  • Advanced Ad Blocking: Set the default to Strict Mode to block ads and trackers automatically. Basic Mode and Balanced Mode (recommended) block all ads that violate the Acceptable Ads Standard, including pop-ups and auto-playing videos. Balanced Mode also blocks other non-intrusive ads to improve the speed and security of browsing sessions.
  • Built-in VPN: no buffering, no throttling, and no encrypted bandwidth limits for a smoother, faster, and more unrestricted online experience.
  • Connect up to five devices: including mobile and desktop devices.
  • Avast Secure Browser PRO allows you to mask everything you type online to keep your sensitive data safe.
  • It protects your device from threats with powerful anti-phishing technology
  • This tool makes sure supported websites use encryption to secure your data
  • You can use it to keep private online by preventing third parties from tracking you.
  • It can be used to stop websites from identifying you based on your unique browser profile.
  • This tool will help you monitor your email address to ensure your passwords haven’t leaked online.
  • Avast Secure Browser blocks online ads to drastically increase website load time.
  • You are allowed to hide all ads, or just the most intrusive, so you can browse uninterrupted.
  • Sync your history and bookmarks between your desktop and mobile devices, all while fully encrypted

The built-in VPN client allows you to connect to VPN servers from 30 locations around the world, on all continents except Antarctica. VPN guarantees a high level of privacy by encrypting incoming and outgoing traffic.

Avast Secure Browser PRO for Windows provides users with convenient and high-performance digital security, regardless of their level of technical expertise, and guarantees a high level of privacy while browsing the web.

In 2020, Avast added a built-in VPN client to the premium version of its Android and iOS mobile browser. Now this offer also extends to the PC version. This is the next step in Avast’s mission to provide a more secure, private, and faster browsing experience across devices, and is consistent with the company’s broader goal of bringing personal privacy control to all users.

Avast has also added privacy and compatibility features to Avast Secure Browser PRO along with existing anti-phishing technology, tracking protection features, banking mode, and a password manager.


Technical details

Technical details
Developed by:Avast
File size:748 kb
Setup Type:Online Installer
Space:676 mb
Category:Browser Tools
Operating system:Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

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Avast Secure Browser PRO for Windows: Protect devices and operating system from web threats


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