DefenderUI: Turn Microsoft Defender into a complete security application.

How many of you still use an antivirus?. The antivirus was once a basic element in our online existence, I remember a long time ago, in the time of XP, that immediately after reinstalling the operating system, two programs were essential: the antivirus and Yahoo messenger. With the passage of time, Yahoo messenger remained a memory and the antivirus seems to be no longer what it used to be.
The new versions of Microsoft’s operating system come with a very effective built-in antivirus, it is of course Windows defender.

But who likes complicated programs, with hidden settings, or hard to find? not to me, and I’m sure not to many of you either.

Searching the internet I found an application that I think you will love, it is a free application that comes to help us with the Windows defender antivirus interface.

DefenderUI is a small application that makes the interface of Microsoft’s antivirus much more friendly and not only that, besides the fact that it exposes the settings, it also unlocks some hidden security features that the average user would not normally have accession.

Use and characteristics DefenderUI:

After installing the program, we will be greeted by its interface, which includes four security profiles: Recommended, Interactive, Aggressive, and Default.


Recommended Profile
This security profile offers enhanced protection by unlocking many of the hidden Microsoft Dender security features that are not available in the default factory configuration.

This profile is recommended for most casual users.

Interactive Profile

This security profile is more secure than the recommended security profile and is designed to interact with the end-user with affirmative user prompts.

This profile is recommended for more advanced users.

Aggressive Profile

This security profile offers advanced protection by unlocking most of the hidden Microsoft Defender security features that are not available in the default factory configuration.

This profile is recommended for any endpoint where security is critical.

Default profile

This profile reverts Microsoft Defender’s settings to their factory defaults.

Additionally, the app does scans on demand. It offers quick, full, and custom scans. Furthermore, it enables you to perform an offline scan, necessitating a system restart.

Windows defender hidden setings


The conclusion is that slowly, slowly, we will no longer need to spend a lot of money for a decent security of our Windows operating system, Windows defender with settings made according to the book can prevent many security-related problems.

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