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Get HT Parental Controls with free license. HT Parental Controls is an application for monitoring and restricting children’s activities on the Internet or the time spent in front of the computer.


HT Parental Controls With Free License

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HT Parental Controls With Free License

Full description for HT Parental Controls

ht-parental-controls-With free license key

HT Parental Controls is an interesting and understandable, as well as multifunctional software that can help parents control their children’s computer activities and restrict their Internet access. Computers can distract children from sports and studies, especially the second point, they spend a lot of time browsing websites or chatting with their friends. In order to prevent this situation, parents can install a special application on the system, such as this is discussed in this article.

On the one hand, a software utility can track children’s activities, such as the websites they have accessed, applications running, or keystrokes. By supervising their children, adults can ensure that their children do not interact with strangers or open inappropriate resources. On the other hand, parental controls can also be used to restrict or disable access to certain features. For example, parents can block sites like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube that tend to be the most distracting for teens and kids.

In addition, some applications may also be blocked, such as browsers or messaging software, as well as games or any other type of program known to be distracting. Adults can also set time limits for access to certain websites or the computer in general, or they can create a schedule that would allow children to use the computer only for a certain period of time.

To ensure that tech-savvy kids can’t bypass these restrictions, adults can also block access to the Registry Editor, Control Panel, or Task Manager by disabling Command Prompt and preventing them from changing the current time and date. All in all, HT Parental Controls allows adults to control their children’s computer work, helping them focus on homework, not fun.

HT Parental Controls features:

  • Sites visited: Parental Control keeps track of all website addresses (URLs) visited, as well as website names and the time/date of the visit. The program is compatible with all versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, America Online, etc.

  • Typed keystrokes: Tracks every keystroke on your child’s computer, along with the app’s name and time.

  • Used programs: HT Parental Controls records all programs used on your child’s computer. The log also contains the time the application was started/stopped and how long it was actually used.

  • Screenshot: The program takes screenshots of the computer screen at intervals you set. You can capture screenshots as often as once a minute.

  • Computer activity: The application allows you to control the time that children spend on the computer (shutdowns and user logins).

  • Remote monitoring: The software automatically sends log reports to your email. This allows you to see what your child is doing on the computer from anywhere you can check your email. The option has a fully customizable interface.

  • Website blocking: HT Parental Controls includes a powerful internet filter to keep your child safe on the internet. You can select the categories of sites you want to disable. In addition, Hidetools Parental Control allows you to block any website by URL. Just add a new website address or keyword and our internet filter will block every website you want to restrict access to.

  • Block programs: The software can block any web browser, chat, messenger, block games and applications that you want to disable access to. For example, you can block Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mirc, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and so on.

  • Multiplayer: The program can control and restrict each user of the computer, and this does not depend on the user’s rights and which user installed the program. You can set individual monitoring and control features for each Windows account.

  • Invisibility of the program: The application is hidden and no one can detect it. Only you will know that parental controls are set!

  • Password protection: Access to Hidetools Parental Control can be password protected to prevent program termination and parameter changes. Only someone who knows the special hotkey and password can access it.

Technical details

Developed by:HT Vector
File size:176 kb.
Setup Type:Online installer
Space:9,78 mb.
Category:Parental Control
Operating system:Windows

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8.3Expert Score
8.3 / 10

HT Parental Controls puts your family’s safety first. Block games, messengers, chats, and any unwanted software.

HT Parental Controls Free License Key
HT Parental Controls Free License Key
$00.00 $36.00
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